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Unmatched Precision, Unparalleled Expertise: Choose the Top Color Doppler Ultrasound Center in Your Area. Trust the Leading Destination for State-of-the-Art Imaging and Unrivaled Diagnostic Accuracy. Experience the Difference Today!

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All Your Ultrasound& Color Doppler Needs at One Place

Grey Scale Ultrasound

Greyscale, (B & W) Ultrasound

  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Ultrasound
  • Thyroid and Neck Ultrasound
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • Testicular Ultrasound
  • Breast Ultrasound
Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound

Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound

  • Abdominal Doppler Ultrasound
  • Obstetrical Doppler Ultrasound (1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester)
  • Endo-vaginal Ultrasound (TVS)
  • Breast Doppler Ultrasound
  • Testicular Doppler Ultrasound
  • Thyroid \Neck Doppler Ultrasound
  • Trans-Rectal Ultrasound (TRUS)
  • Carotids Doppler
  • Testis / Scrotal Doppler¬†
  • Obstetrical Biophysical Profile
Vascular Ultrasound

Specialized Ultrasound

  • Oral contrast Gastro-Sonography
  • Fetal Anatomy & Anomaly Scan
  • Fetal / infertility biophysical Profile
  • Doppler liver Transplant
  • Renal Transplant
  • Renal Artery Stenosis Doppler
  • Penile Doppler for Erectile Dysfunction
  • Musculoskeletal & Nerves Ultrasound
  • Peripheral Arterial Doppler
  • Peripheral venous Doppler
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We are one of the first one’s to bring color doppler in Kahna Nau. We have a qualified team. Our Ultrasound specialists are qualified and holds a advanced degrees from Universities. With vast knowledge and experience, the combination is unmatchable.

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Still Confused? Check out these FAQ's

Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging technique that uses sound waves to create real-time images of the internal structures of the body.

During an ultrasound, a small handheld device called a transducer is moved over the skin. The transducer emits high-frequency sound waves, which bounce back when they encounter different tissues, creating images that are displayed on a monitor.

Yes, ultrasound is considered safe as it does not use ionizing radiation like X-rays or CT scans. It has been used for decades and has no known harmful effects on patients.

Color Doppler ultrasound is an advanced technique that uses color coding to visualize and assess blood flow within the body. It provides additional information about the direction and velocity of blood flow.

Color Doppler ultrasound is commonly used in evaluating blood vessels, such as in assessing peripheral arterial disease, deep vein thrombosis, or monitoring blood flow to organs like the heart, liver, or kidneys.

Preparation instructions may vary depending on the type of ultrasound being performed. In general, you may be asked to avoid eating or drinking before certain abdominal or pelvic ultrasounds. Don’t Worry, We will guide you at the time of appointment booking.

Ultrasound is a painless procedure. The gel applied to the skin may feel slightly cool, but the scanning itself is typically comfortable and non-invasive.

The duration of an ultrasound exam can vary depending on the area being examined . In general, most ultrasound procedures take between 15 to 45 minutes.

As mentioned earlier, ultrasound is considered safe with no known risks or side effects. It does not involve exposure to ionizing radiation.

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